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Table Top Temperer
Table Top Temperer
with Digital Temperature Readout
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Bulk chocolate when melted can be used for dipping or coating chocolate.  The chocolate maker can also
use it for filling moulds with chocolate.  
This chocolate kitchenware is easily cleaned and is great for melting various types of custom chocolate and
compound coatings.

The improved ACMC Table Top Temperer features state-of-the-art electronic circuitry
designed for efficient, reliable and durable continuous operation.  It includes convenient
digital temperature setting and readout.

* Model ABS housing
* Injection moulded polyethylene scraper with molded-in probe retainer
(dishwasher safe)
* 5-quart stainless steel bowl
* Bowl lifts out (additional bowl for other coatings available)
The table top tempering machine tempers chocolate for chocolate dipping and
chocolate melting.  It can be used for home made chocolate dipping, making chocolate
dipped desserts and chocolate dipped strawberries.

A compact machine for melting and tempering chocolate and compound coatings.  
Operates with 1 to 6 lbs. of chocolate or compound coating.
New machines come with a 6 month manufacturers warranty from date of purchase.  This warranty covers any
defects in parts or labor.  This warranty does not cover misuse or mishandling of machinery.  
Sorry, there are no returns accepted on any purchased items.

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